Once Upon An Island Official Trailer Ft. Pierce Brosnan Coming Soon on Discovered

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Once Upon An Island Official Trailer Ft. Pierce Brosnan Coming Soon on Discovered


Once Upon An Island Official Trailer Ft. Pierce Brosnan Coming Soon on Discovered

Once Upon and Island is the story, Family movie about one of the most incredible places on our planet – one of The Seychelles 115 islands, which is not accessible to humans.  It is the tale of an atoll, which has risen from the sea six times in the past, only to vanish beneath the waves time after time, taking all life with it. The atoll resurfaces and gives life to new generations of amazing creatures. The movie takes a world audience on an excursion to one of the last pristine paradises on earth.

The movie was developed together with David Reynolds (Finding Nemo), Kirk Wise (The Lion King), Disneynature creative producer Don Hahn and Michael Havas. The original music was composed by Robert Jisa and mixed by Greg Townley and includes music by Peter Gabriel. The final mix was narrated and character voiced by Pierce Brosnan.

The Aldabra Atoll, described by Sir David Attenborough as one of the wonders of the world and one of the worlds greatest surviving natural treasures, has not allowed human access since Jacques-Yves Cousteau shot underwater film “A Silent World”, which received the Golden Palm in Cannes in 1956 and was Oscar awarded in 1957.

Imagine an island that rises from the depths of the ocean, only to be swallowed by the sea again.  Giant land tortoises swim for their lives through shark-infested waters. Turtle hatchlings make a dash for the open sea. The words largest terrestrial crabs scale palm trees to harvest coconuts. Flightless birds still share the extinct dodo’s belief that they have no predators and bully the locals. The most ferocious tides in the world carve gravity-defying sculptures out of coral and limestone. All of these awe-inspiring creatures co-exist on the world’s second largest coral atoll as it was 5,000 years ago, before it vanishes beneath the waves as it has on at least six occasions in the past.  Climate change and melting ice caps warn that Aldabra may soon disappear, taking its wonderland with it.

Once Upon an Island is the 73 minutes full length Family movie which addresses the environmental message to the large audience from kids to adults of all ages.



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