Avehre - Bulletproof


Avehre - Bulletproof

In the height of the racial tension in America, R&B singer Avehre released “Bulletproof” a provocative and groundbreaking new single addressing the police brutality in the African American community from a millennial perspective.

As a young NAACP-Award winning singer and songwriter who was discovered by the legendary Gladys Knight, Avehre created the single as a vehicle to share his message of hope with other young people in his community during an unprecedented time of racial tension and uncertainty in the United States. “As a young black man in America, one who is the father of a young black girl” Avehre stated “I had to use my voice and my platform to get people’s attention. This is important. For too long many people turned the other way when they would see something going on just as long as it wasn’t their family, their friend, or their loved one. But what do you do when it happens to you? It’s too late then.”

Culture Moguls Inc. 2020

Gladys Knight & William McDowell Present: Avehre - BulletProof (Prod. THE VIIIBE CREATORS)

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Official Website: http://www.iamavehre.com

Production: Culture Moguls Inc.

Director: Avehre

Executive Producer: Dimitri Green

Creative Director: Yhondale AKA "PRYEEST"

Director of Photography: D'Jae Storm

Editor: Dimitri Green

Stylist: Elle The Stylist

Additional Music Production : Stephon "SDOT" Wimberly



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