Jacq Maliq John Linen

Jacob Roper,


Jacq Maliq John Linen


Jacq Maliq John Linen

Stream "John Linen" (Prod. Johnny Stokez) : https://ampl.ink/yPRGN?

Buss down all white linen  I'm the black John Lennon Touch down in the buildin Tap dance on the ceilin All my competition Is still nonexistent Roll up for my feelins Just enough to feel it Then its back to business Clock in all my minutes Jock my leak replenish Leave my faucet drippin I'm not on I'm in it Still ain't learned my limit Holes all in my shirt She still compliment it Leather jacket with the studs just to complement it All the goons know whats up you ain't supposed to get it I could never die (yeah) try to kill a spirit All that bullshit to the side and left behind I'm so flyy I know I'm that nigga Been since the beginnin Too deep in the game For nintendo switchin Loud all in my livin room wakin up the tennants She know what we finna do when this blunt is finished I won't be specific Might get too explicit I go all nine innins Get my locks retwisted Take a trip to venice Kick back cook my spinach If it ain't authentic Don't approach me with it I'm so flyy She couldn't find a reason why (oh no) Never had she seen I told her "You ain't eva lied"

Stream: Directed by Jacob Roper @roperstudios PA: Julien Roper @julienroper

Written by Jacq Malíq @jacqmaliq Vocals & Guitar Jacq Malíq @jacqmaliq

Production by Johnny Stokez @johnny_stokez



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